Discussion on film blowing machine position in plastic packaging industry

Plastic packaging occupies a pivotal position in the packaging industry, basically cover every corner of people's lives. We can see the 90% of the products on the shelves at the supermarket is the use of plastic packaging, today's product plastic packaging is less and less. Plastic packaging has been inextricably linked with people's lives, is one of the many food, supplies, equipment for production of packaging an essential package. Film blowing machine industry and plastic package with effect of promoting each other, blowing film machine technology and quality can reduce the cost of the packaging of the product; demands of the plastics packaging industry will become even greater, thus enterprise demand for film blowing machine is naturally much.

With the increasing demand for the paper industry now, which increases the cost of paper, the original packaging of numerous products using paper products products now available low price high quality plastic products instead. Such packaging is not only beautiful but also with moisture, dust and so on. Therefore, the plastic packaging is the dominant mode of packaging industry in the future.

"There is a demand there will be supply", nowadays, plastic packaging industry is in great demand for films, film blowing machine market and how will sing this "play"? Authorities believe that future direction of the blown film industry, will move towards a high efficiency, stable performance, feature-rich, energy-saving environmental protection, and such high-end lines. It can be seen that film blowing machine performance and quality in plastic packaging cost and quality control occupies a decisive position.