Food machinery innovation to upgrade industries development of nuclear power

In China, rice noodle production line is with the development of the food industry and rapid growth of new industries, since the 70 's has been developing at a faster speed, especially into the 90 's, the average annual growth rate of above 25%. Food machinery industrial production share of the food industry GDP in 1981 to 0. 4% growth in 1995 to 2. 6%. The good momentum in the next ten years, or even longer if there will be continued, the industry is very concerned about the problem. Through the analysis of the following factors, optimistically, we will see that our domestic food machinery will remain a vibrant industry for sustainable development, food machinery market in the future is going to be huge.

Rice noodle production line automation technology research and development, practice, transformation and promotion efforts to promote the healthy development of our domestic food machinery industry. ----Automatic rice noodle production line for industry development of nuclear power.

The processing of agricultural products in China is still very poor, processed foods in the main agricultural products accounted for only 2%~30% (developed up to 15%~70%), consumption of food still raw resources of raw materials, accounting for about 60% (in developed countries generally about 10%), food, raw materials and food almost reach 70%. 0 per cent of the gross output value of China's food industry and agriculture. 43:1 (1997), while in developed countries the ratio is generally 2:1~3:1. It marks both the backwardness of China's food processing industry, but also shows China's food industry still has an extremely good development space, which means that food machinery holding have broad market prospects.