Plastic woven bag production line

Plastic flat yarn production process from raw material and auxiliary material after mixing, extruders to melt it into film, film cooled, cut into silk (green wire), and then by tensile orientation flat wire, on the last tape wound on the bobbin, spindles to weave made from operation engineering the production of knitted fabric.

Production of flat fiber main raw material is polypropylene (PP), sometimes also with high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) or their blends. Secondary raw materials are mainly parent material (calcareous filler), stains (masterbatch) and other modifiers, such as antioxidants and lubricants. Main device was wire drawing machines, winding machines, service equipment mixers, waste recycling equipment.

Flat production is plastic knitting technology of the most critical and complex process, and its main technological index: extruder temperature, pressure, flow control, cooling, stretching, heat treatment (setting) temperature control, flat yarn stretching ratio, relative tensile strength, elongation control, output, energy consumption and output control.