Plastic woven bag production process details

1, plastic granulator links: bags of raw materials through a crusher to crush, then through the dryer to dry, (at present, the Institute of machinery has developed a wet granulating machine and crushed material without drying). Then the original plastic through a plastic granulator is drawing, cooling and cutting, eventually became plastic particles, this is the granulation step.

2, drawing links: forming fine particles of plastic flat yarn making machine, plastic pellets into plastic tape, by winder winding plastic tape, and for the drawing the plastic link.

3, weave links through circular loom (circular knitting machine with four or six, eight or 10 spindle), woven into a plastic cylinder cloth plastic tape, this woven links.

4, the film links: film laminating machine and molten resin, coated on a woven substrate, wait until after cooling hot melt resins, and get two-for-one woven fabric. Woven bag production process of coating processes, in order to produce good bags products, the process can be used to damp-proof, dust-proof, heat insulation effect effect.

5, printing links: plastic woven fabric laminating links after the operation is finished printing, IIR machinery introduced a woven bag printing presses have a desktop woven bag printing machine, computer auto register gravure printing machine, woven roll flexographic printing presses, such as variety of printing equipment. Woven bags printing processes, is on top of bag beautifully printed pattern or text description, advertising and other information, different plastics printing color number, also have different prices.

6, cutting sewing links: woven bags cutting sewing links of the production process, mainly the whole roll of woven length of tube cut to size, then through the slot operations, woven bag production process as a whole to this into finished products, refer to automatic cutting and sewing machine features.

7, Pack link: finished bags need to bulk selling, package link is woven into the standard product packaging, the compressed volume, facilitate transportation and warehouse management.