Rice noodle production line development

With China's rapid social and economic development, people's living standard continuously improving and accelerating pace of life, people tend to diet, nutrition and the diversification of consumption. To meet the needs of the consumer market, China's food industry "industrialized" speeding up and finished and semi-finished products in the proportion of food consumption on the rise. In terms of food supplies, the traditional rice, flour consumption and consumption habits are changing, with rice and flour as the main food of "industrialization" production also accelerated further, instant noodles, instant rice noodles (rice noodles), rice, frozen rice products, industrial production of staple food, bread, and rice flour, noodles, bread, rolls, buns and other flour and food abounded. Thus, our rice and flour as the main raw material of the main food production has a wide market.

In recent years, the production, the products have a very fast development. In market Shang, except sales larger of various dry (wet) rice, and dumplings, and convenient rice, and convenient porridge, and convenient rice outside, also has credence meters products, and dumplings, and rice cakes and to meters fruit mainly of various expanded leisure food and so on, these traditional meters products General by has consumers of love; powder of color varieties range, wet of has Shahe powder, and intestinal powder, and gouache,, dry of has row powder, and corrugated rice, and square powder, and straight article rice,.

Rice occupies an important position in the rice products, rice processing after a large fine food, liked by people. Texture is characterized by a flexible, transparent, white and delicate, El feeling smooth, can be used as a snack and as a staple food, salad, frying powder, soup powder, hot pot, and so on. And around the rich local color and flavor of foods, such as Jiangxi and Yunnan rice noodle, fried rice Fujian Xinghua, horse meat in Guilin rice noodles, rice noodles, has become renowned in the local specialty.