Semi dry lines advantage introduction

①, full automation, digital, programming across the devices seamlessly, material has been under the control of equipment, workers without hands; operating parameters by a device and computer controlled, stable product quality is very stable ...

② the labor intensity of workers is very light, just look, the machine plate, all 3 people, along with 2 people

Thirdly, technical precision, pure taste of formula precision metering control, process parameters control, once set up, equipment control, people do not affect

④ all made of stainless steel, supplemented by a small amount of carbon steel, beautiful atmosphere on the grade.

Rice equipment capacity half dry production line parameters are as follows

1, large capacity half dry production line:

①: early rice-rice-rice-maize starch. Custom.

II: rice-rice-saturated foam-drain-add starch with water-diluted-mill-packed wire-wire complex steam-aging-water-cooling – semi dry

2, dry powder production line parameters are as follows:

①: capacity: raw materials: 650~800kg/h rice: 900~1100kg/h

II: flour milling rate: ~138%

③: power: 105KW

II: employment: 3