Woven wire drawing machine operation skill

Bags directly affect the operation of wire drawing machine to weave bag materials quality and efficiency, therefore, must be based on wire drawing machine works, processing and use of the environment, science operations to reach the wire of good quality and high efficiency.

Drier material: polypropylene, polyethylene does not absorb water, nor easily with moisture, moisture extruded material will produce bubbles, severe cut, therefore you must use a dry Blender dry mixing raw materials, water, general control of moisture content in 0.5% is appropriate.

Temperature control: according to the different raw materials, different temperature, definitely not over temperature control, above the melting temperature of 10-20 degrees, in particular, to pay attention to body temperature, it does not reflect the true temperature of raw material, which is observed by the temperature controller temperature control production. High temperature, the polymer molecules break down easily, wire embrittlement, aging, and cannot be used. Therefore, never use "is extruded paste" to measure the extrusion temperature. Temperature error, product a certain instability, of poor quality, waste and low efficiency.

Extrusion amount must be reasonable: typically, raw materials entering the drawing machine stay as short as possible to avoid increased oxidation of raw materials. During normal operation, reaching more than load 70% can, must not be to low flow screw extrusion, or easy to broken.