Cam Rolling Machine Woven Bag Production Equipment Maintenance

First, the operator must be familiar with cam-type winding machine working principle, structure and features of accessories.

Secondly, to hold the cam rolling machine transmission parts operational flexibility, add need regular cleaning of dust, oil or lubricants, to prevent rusting.

Then, after finishing a day's production, the need for waste pickup winder on volume of regular calibration temperature control instrument, checking the validity of regulation and control of sensitivity, attention to the production environment, do not allow junk impurities mixed material blocking filter, affecting product yield, quality and resistance to increase head.

Finally, arrange for Commissioners on the cam rolling machine periodic maintenance, usually in the plastic wire-drawing machine after 2,500-5,000 hours of continuous operation, dissolution of the cam rolling machine downtime needs to be checked, measurement, identification of main parts for wear, replace the wear limits prescribed parts, repair damaged parts, winder speed correction once every six months, adjust the speed control board A2. 02 adjustable resistance ', you can change the motor speed.