How To Improve The Efficiency Of Blown Film Blowing Machine

1, first after one, two or three preheating area lower, around 170 degrees, several other area about 200 degrees, if the temperature is high, material cannot be sent from the screw in the past, even charred color.

2, followed by four tee areas. Put 60 mesh tee--160 filter, designed to prevent impurities from entering five areas, mesh networks more sophisticated, blowing thinner demanded more films, including the transparency of the film, smooth, lag and so on, but too much detail is blocked after, blow out, General 3-5 the right thickness on request.

3, expect five districts, outlet through the membrane head into a round sticky 7CM diameter size, the temperature has stabilized, the whole process fit according to the outlet to control; too high film instability, and charred discoloration, low pull up the film. Film of the film thickness is not uniform, can pass through the membrane head screw to adjust.

4, then pull through the membrane head blow hole gas, gas to circular membrane, membrane into a straight line up, plastic bag size is controlled by a blowing, and membrane stabilizer for stabilizing membrane. Thickness and traction speed controlled by the host. Host speed faster and faster feeding speed, film thickness traction is just the opposite, La faster, more thin membrane, which is the main part of the production process.

To strike a film blow out horizontal and vertical tension is good, BUR must blow up ratio and traction than DDR up to a certain percentage. Blow film machine if imbalance will led to cross pull reduced, if existing of die head and folding diameter situation Xia, film bubble is stable of, that is BUR no problem, if film bubble exists not stable of situation is BUR too big; DDR= die mouth clearance/(film thickness xBUR) solution approach: to reduced DDR, need reduced die mouth clearance on can has, reduced BUR only will makes DDR more big, if blow film Shi film swing not stable, description is film head too small caused of, can with fixed frame to stability film.

5, and finally roll, film from high altitude angle down, by winder winding, coiling machine speed can be adjusted according to the film speed to control, through winding, film has become our size requested by the thickness of the film.