Plastic Woven Bag Production Equipment Guide For Wire Drawing Machine Maintenance

, Woven bag production facility should be equipped with a dust collector, everyday dust bags production equipment plastic wire-drawing machines work to keep device resistance to oxidation, and the negative effect of increased friction, which is the international standards of quality management requirements;

Second, by plastic wire-drawing machine in the process of running at a higher temperature, so in order to ensure the flexibility of each movable parts, needs every one or two days according to the actual situation to increase lubricant, to ensure the high efficiency and energy saving;

Three, cutting blades require regular grease to ensure that the blade does not rust, so can tech well extend the life of cut wire cutters.

Four plastic wire-drawing machine startup, observe the operation of the motor and wire in place, such as when jammed and broken wires are found, stop the machine immediately, after the treatment before they can work.

Five, in the course of the running of the machine, it should be observed at any time Roberts powder Hopper, youth must be added, otherwise there will be a broken wire.

In six, each time stopping the hopper should be cleaned to prevent dirt or metal objects falling into the hopper should cover in a timely manner. Addition to the heating position should lower the temperature to 20-40 degrees, avoid holding time is too long and affect the quality of products.

Seven, in plastic wire drawing machine operation in the process, granular reduced if you find unusual or out of the machine, should immediately stop running, needs detailed troubleshooting to solve later on.

Eight extruder, plastic wire-drawing machines filter always put, in the use of new material, once for 48 hours, if you are using recycled plastic, then it should be replaced at about 1.5 days.

Nine, long hair work should pay special attention to, and prevent the hair from being drawn into the machine and cause serious accidents, paying particular attention to this point.

After ten live work, when the drawing should be cleared in a timely manner, and make the wire drawing machine running record, successors to the next job or have an understanding, knows how to operate and maintain.