Plastics Machinery-blown Film Machine Prospect Opportunities Challenges

Plastic mechanical in in recent years development good, main is reflected in plastic packaging industry on plastic products of demand increases, from environmental and environment resources for, with low price of plastic products to instead of high of paper quality or wood quality of packaging, this advantage is not statements and to of, plastic blow film machine must is plastic packaging products of main production equipment, this is plastic blow film machine development of maximum opportunities.

Although imports of plastic blown film industry are getting smaller, but still a little gap with international standards, together with vigorously advocating environmental protection cases, increasing the threshold of making plastic film blowing machine industry, which is one of the challenges in the development of plastic film blowing machine.

Film blowing machine for plastic packaging industry developments, in the case of plastic packaging industry processes, in order to let more products using cheap plastic to packaging, plastic film blowing machine performance and technical requirements getting higher and higher. Future plastic machinery industry should focus on investment in science and technology, technology and mechanical design, so as to meet the industry's high standards for products, which occupied its huge consumer market. This is another challenge for plastic film blowing machine industry.