Research And Analysis Of Mechanical Temperature Control Technology Of Film Blowing Machine

Plastic film products through plastic granules are heated to melt, and then through a special membrane head blown into. Film blowing machine is fed by a feed, hot melt, are three large parts. Depending on the melting point of plastic granules are not the same, plastic particles into the dissolved into parts, need for standard temperature control. Common plastics pp, PE, PA their hot-melt temperature under normal conditions are: 164-175, 105-135, 195-210.

To not let plastic raw materials blocked into Hopper, into material mouth bottom of temperature not can too high, so as not to caused resin stick flow blocking died into material mouth, although blow film machine into material mouth no electric heating device, but blow film machine itself will put hot melt part of heat passed to into material mouth of bottom, temperature about for 50-90 ℃, such whole blow film machine of temperature on formed has by low to high of trend.

Blown film product, require resolve to learn the ropes of the temperature is lower, but not below the flow temperature, membrane and blowing normal film blowing machine. In part by the melting of quantitative temperature at constant pressure and output of plastic melt, which to maintain constant temperature, or melting the end temperature is slightly elevated, it can be blown out of high quality plastic film.