Technology Of The Vacuum Flour Mixer
  1. Vacuum dough mixing is the mixing of flour under vacuum conditions, which makes protein molecules and starch molecules absorb water quickly and thoroughly, and promotes the transformation of dough protein networks. Adequate water absorption is an important condition for gelatinization of protein net and starch.

  2. The water content of dough reached 30% to 45% (the ratio of water content varied with the gluten content and the detail type of flour product, the required vacuum degree was -0.06 ~ 0.08MPa).

  3. Compared with ordinary dough, dough can absorb water more than 10% to 20% . The dough is not allowed to stick to the roller.

  4.  Flour particles completely absorb water, water is evenly distributed in the dough to ensure that the dough with even color difference will not appear on the dough.

  5. The vacuum dough is mixed with two phase and two speed, that is, high speed mixing water flour and low speed kneading dough. The rotation speed is 100 ~ 130 rpm, and the low rotational speed is 30 ~ 50 rpm / min. The whole process takes about 9 ~ 15 minutes. The mixing time is short, the rotational speed is low, and the air resistance is small. The dough is low in temperature. Above 5 ℃, protein denaturation and gluten net damage were avoided.