Instant Sweet Potato Noodles Production Line
Instant Sweet Potato Noodles Production Line
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Instant Sweet Potato Noodles Production Line


The flow chart of GYS1, GYS1A Production line:

potatoes starch + accessory material→mixing with water→slurry feeding→friction cooking vermicelli extruding→continuously auto aging→continuously freeze and hanging aging→unfreeze→section cutting→storage→vermicelli washing→dehydrating→vermicelli weighing by manual operation→auto press shaping→auto drying→packing→product

Note: GYS1 production line without process of freeze.

Technical Parameters

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The main strong points of GYS1, GYS1A Production Line:

1. The capacity of the new Friction cooking Vermicelli Extruder is 2 times of the capacity of the traditional extruder.

2. The extruding velocity can be adjusted.

3. It can carry out continuous Production & labour saving by horizontal multi layers aging equipment.

4. GYS1A production line using continuously auto freeze process to make break through in technology of potatoes vermicelli production and carry out the whole line to produce continuously.

5. Thanks to the freeze process, the difficulty of vermicelli separating is absolutely solved, and keep fine quality of product.

6. Using auto section cutting, auto conveying, auto vermicelli washing.

7. Continuously auto drying, get better the efficiency and reliability.

The technical data of GYS1, GYS1A Production Line:



Total power(kw)

Production Area(m2)

Minimum length of workshop(m)

Steam consumption(kg/h)

























The equipment characteristic of GYS1, GYS1A Production line:

GYSVE08 Friction Cooking Vermicelli Extruder

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1. Large capacity, less power consumption, the traditional Extruder with 7.5kw is only 50kg~60kg/h of capacity and the GYSVE08 Extruder is more than 100~120kg/h of capacity with the same 7.5kw of power.

2. The velocity of vermicelli extruding can be adjusted by using the stepless variable drive with inverter.

3. Including a steam heating system which can adjust the velocity of vermicelli extruding.

4. All parts touched raw material are made by SUS 304.

Continuous Multi layers Pre-aging Machine

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1. With 11~13 layers of nylon mesh belt, to keep the continuously pre-aging time for 2~3 hours.

2. The chain & guide made by SUS 304.

3. using ultrasonic moisteners to keep the aging quality.


Refrigeration Hanging Aging Machine

1. Including the units of refrigerator, the lowest freezing temperature may be -13℃~-18℃.

2. The maximum hanging length of vermicelli is 1.6m, and the aging time maybe 5~6H.

3. Vermicelli be unfreeze & cut automatically.


Vermicelli Auto Washing Machine

1. Relief from manual washing, labour saving.

2. Carry out continuous production.

Auto press Shaper of noodle cakes

1. The press shaper makes the noodle cakes packed possible by auto packing machine.

2. The press shaper includes blowers, heat exchangers, press shaping mechanism etc.


Noodle Cake Auto Dryer

1. The horizontal running KHD Auto Dryer or the Vertical Running Auto Dryer to be chosen.

2. It can sectional control the temperature of dryer by auto temperature control devices.

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