Straight Rice Noodles Production Line
Straight Rice Noodles Production Line
Product Details

Straight Rice Noodles Production Line


The straight rice noodle processed by GY8 Straght Rice Noodle Production Line may serve for stir-fried rice vermicelli as well as instant soup rice vermicelli.

Technical Parameters


Capacity(Ton/8 H)

Total Power(KW)

Production area(m2)

Mini length of workshop(m)

Steam consumption(kg/h)



















Processing Flow Chart:

rice→ elevating by jet flow → sand separating→ rice washing & soaking→ dehydrating→ quantitative feeding→ mixing with water & accessory material → elevating→ dough storage→ auto quantitative feeding →cooking extruding→ vermicelli extruding →automatically cutting & hanging→ auto continuously hanging aging →sheet steaming→ second hanging aging →vermicelli separating → auto continuously hanging drying→ auto cutting →finished product

Major advantages of GY8 production line: 

△ GY8 type production line can carry out continuous automatic production & labor-saving。 

△ Using the new micro-grinding equipment with low-noise & large-output. 

△ The output of the new cooking extruder & vermicelli extruder is 2-3 times more than traditional type, and power-saving . 

△ Using the new vermicelli extruder equipment, when installing template , without the bolt but just pull the machine with the template, after a few seconds after work , pull out the template, what is more ,the extruding speed can be adjusted on the machine. 

△ Auto continuous hanging aging , auto cutting. 

△ Auto continuous hanging drying , efficient and reliable.

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